Contractor License Cost as of Jan 1, 2022

Here are the approximate cost of a contractors license – including application fees – contractor exam preparation course – fingerprinting and bonding fees – Initial license fees – as well as when it must be paid.

Contractor License Cost – INITIAL FEES (Paid immediately)

  • Our Study Program:  $199.50 (per exam)
  • Application Fee: $450 (pay when submitting the application)

LATER FEES (Paid in approximately 30 days)

  • Fingerprinting (Live Scan): $75

FINAL FEES (Paid in approximately 90 days)

  • Initial License Fee: $200 (PAY AFTER PASSING THE EXAM)
  • $15.000 Contractor’s Bond: Approximatly $150/yr “Rate depending on credit rating.”
  • Workers Comp Insurance: Sole Owners can elect not to be covered by a policy. However, workers comp insurance is required by law when you have at least one full or part-time employee.

Participation is optional, does not include Tax/Shipping