General Building (B) Contractor Exam Prep

🌟Pass the B-General Building Trade Exam: Easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Commit and Prepare – Flexible Study: Prepare for your exam at home, on your own schedule. Utilize our multimedia resources to “Read, Watch, Listen, Learn, and PASS!”

Step 2: Application Assistance – CSLB Application: We’re here to help you complete your General (B) application correctly. Call us for personalized guidance and ensure a smooth application process.

Step 3: Study and Succeed – Proven Results: Our clients typically pass their trade exam on the first attempt. Your success is our goal. Follow the Plan and Pass Your Exam!”

All qualifying individuals must also pass the California Contractor Law & Business Exam (sold separately below)



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🎯Pass Your B-General Building Exam (Trade Exam)

  • Aim to Pass: Aim to pass the General Building-B Contractor exam on your very first try.
  • Unbeatable Course: Experience California’s most effective and affordable Gen-B Building contractors’ license course.
  • Proven Track Record: Our clients consistently pass their Gen-B contractor trade exams, making us a trusted choice for exam preparation.

🎯Pass Your B-General Building Contractor Exam: As easy as 1-2-3!

1️⃣  Home-Based, Flexible Study Plan

  • Comprehensive Manual: Dive into our industry-leading General-B exam preparation manual.
  • Master Multiple-Choice: Learn strategies to dominate four-answer multiple-choice exams.
  • Multimedia Learning: Engage with audio and video content featuring industry experts on general building, construction math, and Title 8 Health & Safety Rules.
  • Question Bank: Access hundreds of researched exam questions and answers.
  • Interactive Tools: Use virtual flashcards and non-graded quizzes to reinforce key concepts.
  • Online Practice Exams: Test your knowledge with online timed practice exams.
  • First-Time Success: Aim to pass your Gen-Building Contractor exam on your first attempt.

🌟 The Most Effective Course in California, at Any Price!

  • Online Advantage: Our multimedia course is your best and most affordable method for passing the General-B Contractor License Exam.

2️⃣ Hassle-Free Application Process

  • Paperwork Assistance: We’ll guide you through the CSLB application process with new online tools.
  • Expert Help: Call us for personalized assistance and a free line-by-line review of your application before submission.

📝 Making the CSLB Application Easier Than Ever!

3️⃣ Exam Success

  • Score Boost: Our students typically see dramatic improvements in their test scores.
  • Exam Scheduling: When ready, schedule your exam through PSI. (Refer to the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin for more details. – PSI General Building Candidate Information Bulletin

IT’s A FACT! When you read something – eMANUALS, watch something – VIDEO FILES, hear something – AUDIO FILES, and then put that information to use – ONLINE PRACTICE QUESTIONS  & ONLINE EXAMS, your ability to retain our study materials increases exponentially!

📚 Course Details: B-General Building (Trade Exam)

  • Home-Based Study: Skip the commute and study comfortably from your home or office.
  • Convenience: Our courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule, allowing you to prepare at your own pace.
  • Proven and Affordable: Rely on our proven methods to pass the General-B Building Contractor exam without breaking the bank.

📚 California B-General Building Contractor (Trade Exam)

📝 Select Your Course Format:

Please choose the format that best suits your learning style and needs, and take advantage of our comprehensive study materials to prepare effectively for your General Building (B) Contractor trade exam.

eCourse: Online Manual: (Read Only) + A/V & Testing:

  • Course 100% Online
  • Online Manual (not printable)
  • Online A/V (Audio/Video)
  • Online Testing

Printed Manual + Online A/V & Testing:

  • Printed Manual
  • Online A/V (Audio/Video)
  • Online Testing

Printed Manual + CDs, DVDs, & Online Testing:

  • Printed Manual
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Online Testing

📝 Included In Each Course Format:

Each of our General B General Building Contractor License Trade Exam Courses includes the following:

  • Trade-Specific Manuals or eManuals: Comprehensive guides covering all relevant topics.
  • Audio Lectures: Listen to expert insights and explanations.
  • Video Lectures: Visualize key concepts through video content.
  • Flash Card Mode: Test your knowledge with Virtual Flashcards.
  • Online Practice Exams: Take multiple-timed practice exams.


The California B General Building exam manual briefly covers essential topics of the California Gen-B exam’s trade section.

  • Broad Coverage: This manual provides a concise overview of essential topics for the California General Building (B) exam’s trade section, including concrete, carpentry, roofing, masonry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more.
  • Code Summaries: Gain insights from summarized sections of the California Building Code, the California Electrical Code, the California Plumbing Code, the California Mechanical Code, and Title 8 Health & Safety Orders.

Inside The Study Guide

  • Math Review: Get a solid foundation with an introduction to construction math, covering estimating formulas, measurement units, elementary geometry, and the architect’s scale.
  • General Trade Knowledge: This section provides the basic trade information needed to pass the General (B) trade exam.
  • Health and Safety: Become familiar with Title 8 and other essential safety regulations and practices.
  • General-B Exam Review Questions: Find a list of the most challenging exam questions, each indexed to the relevant section in the manual for easy reference.


  • Flexible Formats: Choose between streaming online audio & video files or opt for CDs & DVDs.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from instructors with decades of experience, covering key General B exam concepts in depth. Lectures include Math Formulas, Plans and specifications, General Building Knowledge, Review Questions, and Title 8 Health and Safety Orders.



  • Randomized Questions: Via online flashcards, keep your study sessions fresh and engaging.
  • Progress Tracking: Know where you stand and what you’ve mastered.
  • Exclude Mastered Questions: Focus only on what you need to learn.


  • Eight-Timed General Exams: Each practice exam consists of approximately 100 questions, allowing you to practice under timed conditions.
  • Two Title 8 Health & Safety Tests: Specialized tests to ensure you’re prepared for all aspects of the General B exam.
  • Inclusive Trade Practice Questions: Each course includes practice questions complete with questions, answers, and in-depth explanations to deepen your understanding of trade concepts.
  • Updated Questions: Stay current with the latest General Building and Health and Safety questions and trade-specific updates.
  • Test & Expand Knowledge: Our questions are designed not just to test your existing knowledge but to expand upon it through detailed explanations.


  • Free Form Review: Before you submit, request a free review of your completed contractor exam application to ensure it’s error-free.
  • Direct Assistance: All students enrolled in our General B Building course can call us at (866) 685-8564 for personalized assistance completing the application.


  • All-Inclusive Resources: Gain unrestricted access to all online eBooks, audio/video materials, test questions, and online practice exams.
  • 365 Days of Access: Unlike other schools that limit you to 30, 90, or 180 days, we offer a full year of access to all online course materials, ensuring you have ample time to prepare.


🔍 CSLB (B) Trade Exam Content & Source Material

  • In-Depth Overview: Gain a comprehensive understanding of what the General-B Building Contractor trade exam entails.
  • Reference Compilation: Access a complete compilation of all reference materials used for the exam, ensuring you have all the resources you need.
  • Scope Outline: Understand the full scope of work covered under the General-B Building contractor classification so you know exactly what to expect.

🔍The B-General Building Exam: Five Major Sections

Section 1. Planning and Estimation (17%)

  • The scope of work and code compliance
  • Design and construction error identification
  • Shop drawings, plans, and specifications
  • Field inspection performance
  • Coordination of project
  • Cost estimation for materials, equipment, and labor

Section 2. Framing and Structural Components (22%)

  • Subfloor and wall framing
  • Roof framing
  • Seismic and load requirements
  • Siding and stucco
  • Decks

Section 3. Core Trades (30%)

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Concrete
  • Earthwork and surveying
  • Insulation, acoustic, and weatherproofing
  • Roofing

Section 4. Finish Trades (19%)

  • Painting, staining, coating, and interior wall covering
  • Tile and stone
  • Floor covering
  • Cabinetry and millwork
  • Plaster, drywall, and ceilings
  • Windows, skylights, and doors
  • Landscaping

Section 5. Safety (12%)

  • Personnel safety
  • Transportation and traffic control
  • Environmental safety

*Percentages are approximate

📚B-General Engineering Exam Source Material:

The CSLB utilizes the following publications to create the General (B) Building exam. California codebooks are online at or purchased directly from the publishers.

2022 California Building Code. Title 24. International Code Council.
Phone: (800) 786-4452.
Free Access:

2022 California Electrical Code. California Code of Regulations, Title 24. BNI Publications, Inc.
Phone: (888) 264-2665
Free Access:

2022 California Energy Code. California Code of Regulations, Title 24. International Code Council
Phone: (800) 786-4452
Free Access:

2022 California Fire Code. California Code of Regulations, Title 24. International Code Council.
Phone: (800) 786-4452
Free Access:

2022 California Green Building Standards Code. California Code of Regulations, Title 24. International Code Council.
Phone: (800) 786-4452
Free Access:

2022 California Mechanical Code. Title 24. International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).
PHONE: (909) 472-4100
Free Access:

2022 California Plumbing Code. Title 24. International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).
Phone: (909) 472-4100
Free Access:

2022 California Residential Code. California Code of Regulations, Title 24. International Code Council.
Phone: (800) 786-4452
Free Access:

California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways: Revision 4. The State of California, Department of Transportation, Caltrans.
Phone: (916) 654-2852
Free Access:

California Vehicle Code. State of California Department of Motor Vehicles.
Free Access:

Fundamentals of Building Construction Materials and Methods; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.}
Phone: (877) 762-2974.

Modern Carpentry. Goodheart-Willcox.
Phone: (800) 323-0440

Olin’s Construction Principles, Materials, and Methods; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Phone: (877) 762-2974.

State of California General Industry & Electrical Safety Orders (Cal/OSHA) and State of California Construction & Electrical Safety Orders (Cal/OSHA). 2023. California Code of Regulations, Title 8. Mancomm.
Phone: (877) 626-2666
Free Access:
Free Access:
Free Access:

*Publisher information is current as of 1/23

🔍CSLB Scope for the B-General Building Contractor Classification

Except as provided in this section, a general building contractor is a contractor whose principal contracting business is in connection with any structure built, being built, or to be built for the support, shelter, and enclosure of persons, animals, chattels, or movable property of any kind, requiring in its construction the use of at least two unrelated building trades or crafts, or to do or superintend the whole or any part thereof.

This does not include anyone who merely furnishes materials or supplies under Section 7045 without fabricating them into or consuming them in the performance of the work of the general building contractor.

(b) A general building contractor may take a prime contract or a subcontract for a framing or carpentry project. However, a general building contractor shall not take a prime contract for any project involving trades other than framing or carpentry unless the prime contract requires at least two unrelated building trades or crafts other than framing or carpentry or unless the general building contractor holds the appropriate license classification or subcontracts with an appropriately licensed specialty contractor to perform the work. A general building contractor shall not take a subcontract involving trades other than framing or carpentry unless the subcontract requires at least two unrelated trades or crafts other than framing or carpentry or unless the general building contractor holds the appropriate license classification. The general building contractor may not count framing or carpentry in calculating the two unrelated trades necessary in order for the general building contractor to be able to take a prime contract or subcontract for a project involving other trades.

(c) No general building contractor shall contract for any project that includes the “C-16” Fire Protection classification as provided for in Section 7026.12 or the “C-57” Well Drilling classification as provided for in Section 13750.5 of the Water Code unless the general building contractor holds the specialty license, or subcontracts with the appropriately licensed specialty contractor.

(Amended by Stats. 1997, Chapter 812 (SB 857).)


Required For Your Original Contractors License

We offer our California contractor exam study materials as two separate courses. (Each course is sold separately).



Pass the Law & Business Exam

📚 Pass the Law & Business Exam for Your Original Contractor’s License

  • Law & Business Exam Focus: This exam concentrates on California Contractor Law and best business practices.
  • Path to Success: To qualify for your first contractor’s license, you must pass both the TRADE and LAW exams. Utilize our resources to “Read, Watch, Listen, Learn, and PASS!”

Prepare for both exams to ensure you meet all the requirements for your original contractor’s license. With the right resources and study habits, you’re on your way to becoming a licensed contractor.



* Shipping fees apply for the options not fully online.

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Free B-General Building Practice Quiz! 

  • Test Before the Real Exam: Try a free practice test to see what types of General-B questions you’ll get on the B-General Building exam.
  • Similar to Actual Questions: These free practice questions are designed to be similar to those on the real exam.

Use this free test to get a preview of the types of questions found on the exam.

Welcome to your free B-General Building Quiz

When is a special inspector required on a concrete pour?
What is the minimum slope for a roof with asphalt shingles?
When do you follow a nailing schedule for hanging drywall?
What color wire is attached to a metal wall box?
Which of the following is usually wetted just before installation?
The door between a garage and a house
What is the minimum size framing member needed for R-22 insulation?
Who is the primary authority when demolishing a building with less than three units?
What is a disadvantage of using AC cable?
When electrical conductors are underground they must always be:
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