Best California Contractor Exam Courses

Contractors License Exam Preparation Manuals

Every contractor exam course manual is designed to assist qualified tradespeople with passing the California contractors license exam. It is essential for preparing for your examination and gauging your readiness. The manual expands on existing work experience by focusing your attention on the information the State requires you to know. Every manual includes math and estimating formulas, and general knowledge specific to the trade, They also include an extensive health and safety regulation review.

  • Math Review: The math review section covers general math, estimating formulas, units of measurement, the architect’s scale, and basic geometry.
  • General Knowledge: Each manual has a General Knowledge section that covers trade specific information students that you must be familiar with to pass your particular exam.
  • Health and Safety: An extensive Health and Safety section will familiarize you with Cal/OSHA and other practices and regulations covered by the state test. Topics include the California Health and Safety Orders, Administrative requirements under Cal/OSHA. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Occupational Health, Fire Protection, Work Surfaces and fall protection, Workplace Safety, and much more.
  • Review Questions: The “most difficult” questions on the contractor’s exam are addressed individually in the review questions section of the manual.
  • Trade Practice Tests and Update Questions: Each Trade Course includes practice tests and updates covering the newest questions. The practice tests contain questions, answers, and explanations that cover trade concepts. Many practice tests also feature building and site plans to help to familiarize yourself with plan reading. Use the practice questions to test your existing knowledge and expand on it through the detailed explanations of difficult questions.

Excavation & Grading Handbook (Revised)

Included with General Engineering (A), Earthwork and Paving (C-12), Pipeline (C-34) & Sanitation Systems (C-42) contractor exam courses.

This new trusted reference has been thoroughly updated to keep excavation contractors, operating engineers, and those learning the trade current with state-of-the-art equipment usage and the most efficient excavating and grading techniques. Learn how to read topo maps, set crows feet, install water drain and sewer pipes, lay or remove asphaltic concrete, use a laser level, cut drainage channels, and use GPS and sonar for absolute precision.

  • Contents include:  ♦ understanding road survey stakes ♦ plan reading ♦ grade setting ♦ setting grade stakes using a contour plan ♦ grading with lasers ♦ GPS and other specialized equipment ♦ road building equipment ♦ planning for excavation ♦ excavating rock ♦ excavating subdivisions ♦ excavating commercial sites ♦ highway grading and excavation ♦ widening rural roads ♦ building narrow embankments ♦ drainage channels ♦ unsuitable material ♦ compaction ♦ curb and sidewalk grading ♦ preparing subgrade for aggregate ♦ aggregate base ♦ lime-treated base ♦ asphalt paving ♦ trenching and pipe laying ♦ trench shoring ♦ constructing manholes ♦ underdrains ♦ culverts and downdrains.
  • Includes a CD-ROM with interactive study center to help brush skills or study for the license exam. Filled with hundreds of tips, pictures, and diagrams and tables every excavation contractor can use. (Requires a computer with a CD-ROM drive running Microsoft Windows to access study center.)

Audio & Video Lectures

  • Audio CD’s and DVDs complement the manual and feature instructors with decades of experience who walk you through the plans, questions, explanations and cover fundamental exam concepts in greater detail.
  • Trade Lectures: CD and DVD – General Knowledge. Audio CDs and video DVDs walk you through your particular trade manual.  The trade lectures also explain the background concepts that you are required to know. Instructors include licensed contractors, professors, and industry experts.
  • Math Review Lecture: CD and DVD – A review of math including geometry and architectural scale with a focus on the construction trades. Our instructors are professional math teachers who simplify difficult concepts.
  • Health and Safety Lecture: CD and DVD – Industry experts and licensed contractors walk you through the numerous and complicated California Health and Safety codes and regulations while explaining how to keep yourself safe on the jobsite.

Online Study

Online practice questions & exams: two modes of self-assessment allow you to verify your expertise. Gauge your readiness to pass your contractor license exam

  • Online practice questions: Specifically target your study. Review exam questions via online flashcards. When you are confident that you know the answer, set that flashcard not to display while you study. Removing flashcards streamlines your efforts and focuses your attention. Items marked as known still appear in the online exams.
  • Simulated online exams: Take online exams to practice what you learn. Gain real-time feedback so you can focus on the areas that you need to improve.
  • One year online access: Because life happens, and it can often take longer than 90 days to complete your program. For this reason, we provide complete access to all online course materials for an entire year.