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We make becoming A C60 Welding Contractor as easy as 123!
TLC is here to help you pass your California contractors license exam!

ONE – Commit to becoming a C60 Welding Contractor, prepare at HOME, & on your schedule, Read, Listen, Watch, Learn, & PASS!

  • Read our best in the industry C60 Welding exam manual.
  • Watch & listen as experts review Math & Health & Safety Rules.
  • Learn the art of dominating a four-question multiple-choice exam.
  • PASS your C60 Welding Contractor exam. The best C60 exam course available in California at ANY price!

Study Online! Our multimedia Welding contractor course is your best, most affordable method to pass your CSLB contractor License Exam!

TWO – Apply to the CSLB. We will help! New online tools will help you correctly fill out your original Welding contractor exam application. Fill out the form, call us for assistance, and schedule a free line by line review of your application before submission to the CSLB!

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THREE – Prepare for and pass your exam. Our students dramatically improve their test scores and pass the C60 Welding contractor exam.


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Course Outline



When purchasing a C60 trade exam course, choose the course format. The 100% Online Trade eManual, Streaming Audio/Video, and Online Practice tests are accessible from any device with internet access.

Choose your course format from either

  • eCourse – 100% Online! (Trade eManual, not printable. Streaming Audio/Video, & Online Practice Tests) OR
  • Physical Manual + Online Audio / Video & Online Testing OR
  • Physical Manual + CD’s DVD’s & Online Testing


The C60 Welding exam manual covers all of the material needed to get your contractor’s license. Topics include general knowledge, stainless steels, oxyacetylene welding, gas metal arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, electroslag welding, carbon arc welding, plasma arc welding, brazing, and braze welding. It also reviews soldering welding symbols, weld types, oxyfuel gas cutting, plasma arc cutting, air carbon arc cutting, oxygen arc cutting, and surfacing processes and includes a glossary of terms. The last section of the welding manual covers the Health and Safety Orders.

Don’t waste time commuting to a classroom when you can study conveniently in your home or office. Our program is a reliable, affordable way to pass the welding exam.



Expert instructors with decades of related trade experience cover key C60 Welding contractor math & safety concepts in greater detail. Our audio and video lectures cover math and Health and Safety Orders.

Audio and video lectures complement the Welding Manual. Instructors cover key math and health & safety concepts that you must know while in the comfort of your home, car, or office.


To target your study, review C60 welding contractor test questions with online flashcards. When you already know an answer, mark it as done, and you won’t see it again. Don’t know the answer? Then mark it for further study. In this way, you gain real-time feedback to concentrate on the subjects you need to improve.


Take a C60 Welding license test to check your general knowledge. Verify your progress as you master the study material. Our course includes three online practice exams plus an additional update exam consisting of our absolute latest exam questions!


Other schools may offer 90-day access to online tools in the hopes of charging you twice for extended access to study materials. Instead, we provide complete access to all online course materials for an entire year.

IMPORTANT: When applying for your original contractor’s license, YOU MUST ORDER & PASS TWO SEPARATE EXAMS.

  • The 1st  exam is The TRADE EXAM (covering Welding trade practices).
  • The 2nd exam is The LAW & BUSINESS EXAM (covering California Contract Law and Business practices).


Each student enrolled in the Welding course receives:

Welding C-60 Manual

Math Review: Covers math and estimating formulas, units of measurement, basic geometry and the architect’s scale.

General Knowledge: Each manual has a General Knowledge section that covers trade information students must know to pass the state exam.

Health and Safety: Our extensive Health and Safety section familiarizes students with Cal/OSHA and other regulations and practices covered by the state exam.

Review Questions: Lists the most difficult questions, indexed to the relevant section of the manual.

Audio/Video Lectures:

Audio CDs and video DVDs summarize key points from each section of the printed manual. Recorded lectures walk students through the plans, questions, and explanations.

Landscaping Trade Exam Online Practice Tools

Flashcards: Online flashcard program tracks your history, allowing you to exclude question you have already learned.

Practice Exams: Three different exams with approximately 115 questions each, timed, to simulate actual exam conditions. Questions are updated weekly to reflect changing trends in exam focus based on current user feedback.

Assistance Filling out Applications

Call 866-685-8564 for assistance with properly filling out your contractor exam application or for a full review of your completed application prior to submission.

Exam Content

The C60 Welding Exam has five major sections:

Section 1. Planning and Estimation (21% of Exam)

  • Reviewing plans and specifications
  • Estimating equipment and materials
  • Identifying metals

Section 2. Welding Preparation (21% of Exam)

  • Preparing job sites
  • Setting up welding equipment
  • Preparing materials

Section 3. Welding, Brazing, and Soldering (27% of Exam)

  • Welding processes
  • Welding techniques
  • Post-welding procedures
  • Brazing and soldering

Section 4. Cutting Processes (9% of Exam)

  • Setting up cutting equipment
  • Cutting techniques
  • Finishing requirements

Section 5. Safety (22% of Exam)

  • Job site and equipment safety
  • Preventing fire hazards
  • Employee safety

Percentages are approximate

Source Material

C-60 Welding exam source material:

The CSLB utilizes the following publications for the creation of the C60 Welding exam. California codebooks can be viewed online: www.bsc.ca.gov

The Independent Shop’s Guide to Welding Safety and Health. American Welding Society.
PHONE: (800) 443-9353
INTERNET: www.aws.org

Modern Welding. Goodheart-Wilcox.
PHONE: (800) 323-0440
INTERNET: www.g-w.com

Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes, ANSI Z49.1. American Welding Society.
PHONE: (800) 443-9353
INTERNET: www.aws.org

Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination, A2.4. American Welding Society.
PHONE: (800) 443-9353
INTERNET: www.aws.org

State of California General Industry & Electrical Safety Orders (Cal/OSHA) and State of California Construction & Electrical Safety Orders (Cal/OSHA). 2019. California Code of Regulations, Title 8. Mancomm.
PHONE: (877) 626-2666
INTERNET: www.mancomm.com

Structural Welding Code-Steel, D1.1. American Welding Society.
PHONE: (800) 443-9353
INTERNET: www.aws.org

Publisher information is current as of 9/19

C-60 Welding contractor causes metal to become permanently attached, joined & fabricated by the use of gases and electrical energy, which creates temperatures of sufficient heat to perform this work.

Free C60 Practice Quiz

Free C60 Welding practice exam:

These free C60 Welding practice questions are similar to the ones you will encounter when taking the actual contractors exam.

If you readily answer more than seven of these questions correctly, you are in pretty good shape.
However, if you miss three or more questions, you are in danger of failing the TRADE portion of the Contractor Exam.

Approximately how much heat is released at the electrode for DCSP welding?
If a welder is welding at 300 amps and the combined length of the electrode and work leads is 150 feet, what is the recommended size of the lead or cable?
Alternating current would most likely be used in GTAW to weld which of the following metals?
What is the MINIMUM thickness of steel that is covered by the AWS D1.1 Structural Steel welding code?
When welding with FCAW, how can the operator control excess spatter?
Cast iron and nonferrous metals:
Which of the following hazards is the greatest concern when storing gas cylinders?
Propane and butane easily produce a ___________.
Which of the following can cause porosity in the weld or erosion of the electrode in GTAW?
Add description here!
Which of the following is not true of MIG (GMAW) welding? ​
REQUIRED - Enter your email address to receive a printable copy of your test results.

We want to talk to you if you found these practice questions helpful!

Think about how useful it would be to access hundreds of researched C-60 exam questions and answers, learn the theory and meaning behind each question, memorize key concepts with virtual flashcards, take non-graded practice quizzes, and verify your knowledge with full-length, timed practice exams.

Call us at 866-685-8562 for a free licensing consultation.


If this is your first contractor’s license, you must pass both the C-60 Welding exam and the Law & Business exam covering California Contracting Law.

Of the following, which is a correct statement regarding a schedule of payments in an original bid?
How often must contractors’ supervisors conduct “tool box” or “tailgate” safety meetings? ​
What is the relationship between a prime contractor and a subcontractor?
How long must an employer keep records of FUTA and other federal payroll taxes?
Who is responsible for selecting materials when refilling a first-aid kit for a jobsite?
A subcontractor signs an unconditional waiver and release. This means that the ___________.
Within how many days must an “agreement to arbitrate” be returned by the participants after being mailed by the Registrar?
A stop notice on a public works project is used to __________.
Which of the following bonds guarantees both job completion and payment of subcontractors and suppliers?
How many parties are typically listed in a bid bond?
What other than an offer, acceptance and intention to be legally bound between parties is required to form a contract?
The OSHA standard that requires employers to make information available to workers about toxic substances and chemicals in the work place is
__________ determines how often an employer’s payroll deposits are made to the IRS.
If a construction company buys a new car for general use by the sales staff, to which of the following accounts would the depreciation of the car be charged?
Which act establishes the rights of workers to organize into unions and negotiate contracts?
Which of the following is not required to ne reported to DIOS within 24 hours of the incident.
An employer must furnish an employee with a completed IRS Form W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) by __________.
If you are planning to dig, drill, and bore at a job site, you should notify __________ before starting work.
Supervisors are required to meet with management __________ as part of the safety training process.
The CSLB has established mandatory arbitration for verified companies to resolve complaints where the final remedy will be __________ or less.
REQUIRED - Enter your email address to receive a printable copy of your test results.

We want to talk to you if you found these practice questions helpful!

Think about how useful it would be to access hundreds of researched law & business exam questions and answers, learn the theory and meaning behind each question, memorize key concepts with virtual flashcards, take non-graded practice quizzes, and verify your knowledge with full-length, timed practice exams.

Call us at 866-685-8562 for a free licensing consultation.

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