¬†Asbestos: A Contractors’ Guide and Open Book Examination

All new applicants for a license must complete the asbestos open book examination.

You must complete the open book examination and submit the verification form before licensure. If the form is not submitted, CSLB cannot issue a license.

The open book Asbestos examination does not certify a contractor to engage in asbestos-related work. The purpose of the guide and the test is to make contractors aware of the risks of dealing with asbestos and to provide the knowledge base necessary to respond appropriately to construction situations where asbestos is or may be present.

 Building Your Career as a Licensed Contractor 

Essential basics of obtaining a contractor license.

 A Guide to Contractor License Bonds (Bond Amount now $25,000) 

Please note: the required amount of a contractor’s bond has increased to $25,000.

 Description of Classifications

Description of all CSLB classifications.

 Advertising Guidelines for Contractors

Tips and guidelines for contractor advertising.

Contracting for Success

A Contractor’s Guide to Home Improvement Contracts.

 Guide to Home Improvement Contracts

Detailed information for contractors about the requirements of home improvement contracts.

 Becoming an Industry Expert

Information on how to become a CSLB Industry Expert.

 What is a Stop Order?

What contractors and consumers should know about stop orders.

 California Contractors License Law & Reference Book Р2023 Edition

The California Contractors License Law & Reference Book (2023 Edition) is available for purchase or to view online.

The 2023 edition of the California Contractors License Law & Reference Book is now available for purchase or can be viewed online for free. The 1,200-page book includes the information you need to become a licensed contractor, maintain your existing license, and run a successful contracting business. The cost is $50.00, plus tax, shipping, and handling. The book can only be purchased directly from the publisher.