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Pass the C-29 Masonry exam on your 1st attempt. Unleash the most effective and affordable C-29 contractors’ license course available in California. Our clients pass their C-29 Contractor trade exam.


Pass your C-29 Masonry Contractor exam; it’s simple as 123!

ONE – Commit to becoming a C-29 Masonry Contractor. Study for your exam at HOME, & on your schedule. Read, Listen, Watch, Learn, & PASS!

  1. Read our best in the industry C-29 Masonry exam prep manual.
  2. Listen & watch as experts review Math & Title 8 Health & Safety Rules.
  3. Learn the art of dominating a four-question multiple-choice exam.
  4. PASS your C-29 Masonry exam.

The most effective C-29 contractor exam course available in California at ANY price!

Study Online! Our multimedia Masonry contractor course is your best & most affordable method to pass your C-29 Contractor License Exam!

TWO – Apply to the CSLB. We will help! New online tools will help you correctly fill out your original C-29 Masonry contractor exam application. Fill out the form, call us for assistance, and schedule a free line-by-line review of your application before submission to the CSLB!

With our help, submitting a proper C-29 License application to the CSLB has never been easier!

THREE – Prepare for and pass your exam. Our students dramatically improve their test scores and pass their C-29 Masonry contractor exam.

When ready to test, schedule your exam through PSI. Please read the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin for more information. PSI – C-29 Masonry

IT’s A FACT! when you read something – eTEXTBOOKS, watch something – VIDEO FILES, hear something – AUDIO FILES, and then put that information to use – ONLINE PRACTICE QUESTIONS  & ONLINE EXAMS, your ability to retain our study materials increases exponentially!


Study at home! Don’t waste time commuting to a classroom. Study conveniently in your home or office. Our courses are a proven, reliable, and affordable way to pass the C-29 Masonry Contractor exam.


Choose your course format from either

eCourse – Online Manual (not printable)Streaming A/V (Audio/Video), & Online Testing

Or Printed Manual + Online A/V (Audio/Video) & Online Testing

Or Printed Manual + CDs, DVD’s, & Online Testing

Our C-29 Masonry Contractor License Trade Exam Course includes the following course materials to maximize your study efforts.

  • Trade Specific Textbooks
  • Audio Lectures
  • Video Lectures
  • Online Practice Questions
  • Simulated Online Exams


The C-29 Masonry Contractor exam manual covers the essential topics of the California C-29 Masonry contractor license exam. Topics include Masonry Unit Components, Masonry Types & Sizes, Mortar Ingredients & Types, Estimating, Reinforcing Steel, Arches, Summaries of the California Building Code, Title 8 Health & Safety Orders, and Electrical Review Questions.

The C-29 Masonry Contractor Study Guide contains the following sections;

  • MATH REVIEW: covers math and estimating formulas, units of measurement, elementary geometry, and the architect’s scale.
  • GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: This contains basic trade information all students must know to pass the C-29 Trade exam.
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY: Our comprehensive health and safety section familiarizes students with Cal/OSHA and other regulations and practices.
  • REVIEW QUESTIONS: Lists the most difficult questions, indexed to the relevant section of the manual.


Streaming online Audio/Video files or CDs & DVDs. Expert instructors with decades of experience cover fundamental C-29 Masonry exam concepts in greater detail. Our audio/video lectures cover General knowledge & Review Questions, Math Formulas, and Title 8 Health & Safety lectures.


  • FLASHCARDS: Online flashcard program tracks your history and also allows you to exclude questions you have already learned.
  • PRACTICE EXAMS: Five final practice exams, each timed to simulate actual exam conditions. The course also includes two Cal/OSHA Health & Safety tests. (exams are approximately 110 questions each.) Our C-29 and Title 8 Health and Safety update list any new questions to reflect changing trends in exam focus.


Get help filling out your contractor exam application or request a free review of your completed form before submission. All students in our C-29 Masonry course can call us at (866) 685 8564 for assistance.

ONE YEAR UNLIMITED ACCESS: To All Online eBooks, Audio/Video, Test Questions & Simulated Final Exams.

We provide complete access to all online course materials for an entire year. Other schools may offer only 90-day access to online tools in the hopes of charging you extra $ for extended access to study materials.

C-29 Masonry Contractor exam course with C-29 Trade CD's DVDs & online practice tests


A detailed breakdown of the makeup of the C-28 Lock & Security Contractor trade exam. A list of all the reference materials used to create the C-28 exam & the scope of the C-28 Lock & Security contractor classification.


Section 1. Planning and Estimation – 15% of C-29 Exam

  • Plan projects and scope of work
  • Read plans and specifications
  • Identify and calculate material needs
  • Identify and calculate labor and equipment needs

Section 2. Job Site Preparation – 20% of C-29 Exam

  • Pre-construction activities
  • Water management
  • Reinforcement and bracing
  • Job site preparation

Section 3. Masonry Wall and Building Installation & Repair – 16% of C-29 Exam

  • Build CMU walls and buildings
  • Repair and reconstruct historical masonry structures
  • Build and repair retaining walls
  • Clean masonry walls and buildings

Section 4. Decorative Masonry Installation & Repair – 9% of C-29 Exam

  • Install flatwork and staircases
  • Install precast masonry
  • Install glass block
  • Repair and clean decorative masonry

Section 5. Masonry Veneer and Stone Installation & Repair – 11% of C-29 Exam

  • Install adhered veneers
  • Install anchored veneers
  • Install dimensional stone veneers
  • Repair and clean veneer installations

Section 6. Fireplace, Chimney, and Barbeque Installation & Repair – 9% of C-29 Exam

  • Fireplace construction requirements
  • Barbeque and fire pit construction requirements

Section 7. Safety – 20% of -C29 Exam

  • Cal/OSHA safety requirements
  • Elevated work
  • Handling and fabrication of stone slabs
  • Disposal of contaminated materials

* Percentages are approximate


The CSLB utilizes the following publications for the creation of the Masonry exam. California codebooks can be viewed online: www.bsc.ca.gov

2022 California Building Code. Title 24. International Code Council.
PHONE: (800) 786-4452.
INTERNET: www.iccsafe.org

2022 California Historical Building Code. Title 24. International Code Council.
PHONE: (800) 786-4452.
INTERNET: www.iccsafe.org

2022 California Residential Code. California Code of Regulations, Title 24. International Code Council.
PHONE: (800) 786-4452
INTERNET: www.iccsafe.org

Building Code Requirements and Specifications for Masonry Structures. 2016. The Masonry Society.
PHONE: (303) 939-9700
INTERNET: www.masonrysociety.org

Dimension Stone Design Manual. Natural Stone Institute.
PHONE: (440) 250-9222
INTERNET: www.naturalstoneinstitute.org

Informational Guide to Grouting Masonry, 3rd Edition. Masonry Institute of America.
PHONE: (310) 257-9000

Masonry Design Manual. Masonry Institute of America.
PHONE: (310) 257-9000
INTERNET: www.masonryinstitute.org

Masonry Fireplace and Chimney Handbook. Masonry Institute of America.
PHONE: (310) 257-9000
INTERNET: www.masonryinstitute.org

Masonry Veneer. Masonry Institute of America.
PHONE: (310) 257-9000
INTERNET: www.masonryinstitute.org

State of California General Industry & Electrical Safety Orders (Cal/OSHA) and State of California Construction & Electrical Safety Orders (Cal/OSHA). 2023. California Code of Regulations, Title 8. Mancomm.
PHONE: (877) 626-2666
INTERNET: www.mancomm.com

Vocational Skills Training for Segmental Paver Installation. Pave Tech, Inc.
PHONE: (800) 728-3832
INTERNET: www.pavetech.com

*Publisher information is current as of 1/23

Official CSLB Description of Duties for a C-29 Masonry Contractor.

California Code of Regulations Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A masonry contractor installs concrete units and baked clay products; concrete, glass, and clay block; natural and manufactured stone; terra cotta; and fire brick or other material for refractory work. This classification includes the fabrication and installation of masonry component units for structural load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls for structures and fences installed with or without mortar; ceramic veneer (not tile) and thin brick that resembles full brick for facing; paving; and clear waterproofing, cleaning and caulking incidental to masonry construction.

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)



We offer our study materials as two separate courses;

  1. Course-1: C-29 TRADE EXAM.
  2. Course-2: LAW & BUSINESS EXAM. (Each Sold Separately)


Pass the Law & Business Exam

Pass the Law & Business Exam for Your Original Contractor’s License

  • Law & Business Exam Focus: This exam concentrates on California Contractor Law and best business practices.
  • Path to Success: To qualify for your first contractor’s license, you must pass both the TRADE and LAW exams. Utilize our resources to “Read, Watch, Listen, Learn, and PASS!”

Prepare for both exams to ensure you meet all the requirements for your original contractor’s license. With the right resources and study habits, you’re on your way to becoming a licensed contractor.



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Take a free C-10 Masonry contractor practice test. These free C-29 trade exam questions are similar to the ones you will encounter when taking the actual C-29 contractors exam.

You are off to a strong start if you readily answer seven or more questions correctly without guessing.
However, if you miss three or more questions, you risk failing the TRADE portion of the C-29 Exam.

Welcome to your free C-10 Electrical Quiz

A three-phase transformer provides 208/120- volt power to a building with metal siding. What should be done?
What should you do to safeguard a temporary power supply on a jobsite?
You are replacing a 20-amp receptacle in a bakery and notice a 14 gauge wire running from the same circuit to a light. What should you do to correct the problem?
On a 480V, three-phase blower motor with auxiliary contacts and indicators, the push-button start is off due to a thermal overload. What is the most likely cause?
How do you test a GFCI?
When testing a GFCI trip, probe conductor, and fixture ground, use__________.
A fuse is blown on a 480V, three-phase blower motor with auxiliary contacts and indicators. What is the most likely cause?
A homeowner installed a light in the garage, but when turned on it glowed very bright and then burned out. What is the most likely cause?
When a house heater comes on, some lights get bright, others get dim. What could cause this?
On a walk-through of a new home, the owner wants you to install an outlet beside the stove. The countertop is 48 inches long and the wall is 6 feet away. The contractor__________.
REQUIRED - Enter your email address to receive a printable copy of your test results.

We want to talk to you if you found these practice questions helpful!

Think about how useful it would be to access hundreds of researched C-29 exam questions and answers, learn the theory and meaning behind each question, memorize key concepts with virtual flashcards, take non-graded practice quizzes, and verify your knowledge with full-length, timed practice exams.

Call us at 866-685-8562 for a free licensing consultation.