An Opportunity for Gen-B, C10, C39 & C46 Contractors

Attention Contractors: The California solar power mandate requires solar photovoltaic panel installation in all new residential construction. 

Man Installing solar panels on roof of house

California is the first state to require solar installation in ALL new homes.

Beginning  Jan 1, 2020, all new houses in California must have solar PV systems included with all new home construction.

Changes to the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards mandate all new residential construction to include solar PV installation or tap into a community solar project. This mandate includes new homes, condos, and apartment buildings three stories or less.

The mandate takes effect on 1/1/2020 and has the unanimous approval of the California Energy Commission. See news release here.

New home construction in California is booming. Over 112,000 new California housing units are constructed every year. Figures per the California Building Industry Association. Less than 20% currently come with solar power systems installed.

The impact of the new mandate will increase the solar installation market in California five-fold. The California solar installation market is set to explode.

The California solar mandate provides a unique opportunity for contractors. Position yourself and take advantage of this hot new market.

If you are a General B, C-10 Electrical, or C-39 roofing contractor with photo-voltaic experience, or simply need your license, the time to become a C-46 solar contractor is now!

The California solar mandate will help cut energy use in new homes by over 50%. Additionally, the estimated reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to taking 115,000 cars off the roads.