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When using a scribe to cut a top-set base for an outside corner in an installation of resilient flooring, the cut should be beveled at an angle of__________.

Preformed cove (top-set) base for resilient goods is available in rubber and vinyl materials. Of the two, rubber base is__________.

For Tarkett resilient flooring, the area where it is to be installed should be maintained at a temperature of __________ before, during, and after installation.

What is the recommended gap for particleboard underlayment under resilient flooring?

What size trowel notches dispense the most glue to the floor?

When installing carpet padding, what is the correct seaming method?

Which of the following is not correct when installing a wood parquet floor?

When installing 12" x 12" vinyl tile in a room 7' x 9'-6" with an accent border of at least 7", how many tiles will you need?

The gauge of tufted or knitted carpet is__________.

Which of the following is the best backing for use with heat bonded seams?