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You notice that a crew is having difficulty weaving two rolls of fabric together at the ends. The recommended way is to join them:

You notice that someone is using bright spray-paint to lay out post location instead of wood stakes. Why would he or she do this?

An elephant wildlife public preserve has side-swing gates ranging in width from over 13 feet to not over 18 feet. You would expect what size posts for the gates?

If plastic slats are specified for public-works construction:

Per Caltrans, for a chain-link fence installed on a hillside or where there is a sharp break in grade, you are likely to see:

When installing a chain-link fence on a hillside or a sharp break in grade, you are likely to do what at a terminal post?

A common practice, especially among DIY installers, is to pour dry cement mix into a post hole, pour in water from a bucket, and stir thoroughly with a stick. The problem(s) with this technique include:

You notice that the supplier has kindly included an extra strand with each roll of chain-link fabric that you have ordered. What's up?

If you are in an area with high winds and/or you are installing slats or privacy screens, which of the following is a good practice?

For post holes at gates in chain-link fences:

What sort of PPE (personal protective equipment) is recommended when using cleaning solvent?

What should be done with lifelines, safety harnesses, and shock-absorbing lanyards that have been subjected to impact loading?

What is the longest standard length of a scaffold plank?

On a 120V circuit, what color is the (protective) ground wire?

What is the minimum distance apart that acetylene and oxygen cylinders must be stored?

Which of the following is a correct method for storing acetylene cylinders?

Which of the following is the best choice for hoisting a full gas cylinder?

Cylinders containing ______ shall not be taken into confined spaces.

A dry chemical or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher rated at least ______ must be kept near operations where bottled fuel gases are being used.

No more than ______ of paints, solvents, and chemicals may be stored in a room unless an approved safety storage cabinet is present.