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The distance between the hanger and the centerline of an upright sprinkler may be no less than__________.

Dry-pipe valves controlling systems with a capacity of more than __________ must be provided with an approved quick-opening device

Air or nitrogen pressure in a dry-pipe system must be__________.

In a dry-pipe system, install an approved relief valve between the compressor and the control valve, and set it to operate at a pressure of __________ in excess of maximum air pressure for the system.

A four-inch 90° standard elbow is equivalent to __________ of pipe in hydraulically designed systems.

In calculations for hydraulically designed systems, the design area must be__________.

In hydraulically designed sprinkler systems, the minimum operating pressure for any sprinkler is__________.

In Ordinary Hazard pipe schedule systems, what is the maximum number of sprinklers allowed for a 3" steel pipe?

According to OSHA, a permit is required prior to excavation when the trench exceeds what minimum depth?

When digging a ditch 6' deep, how far from the edge should excavated soils be deposited?