Free C31 Construction Zone Traffic Control Exam

Welcome to your free C-31 Construction Zone Traffic Control Quiz

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205 traffic cones are required for a lane closure. The cost of renting one cone is $0.52 per day. What would be the rental cost for 8 days?

What is the maximum cone spacing allowed for a taper in a 50 miles per hour speed limit?

A portable changeable message sign must display at least how many characters per line?

A pilot vehicle is being used on a traffic control project. Cyclists need to get through the closure. What is the BEST option for the C-31 contractor?

The California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices handles traffic safety for which of the following?

What is the minimum length of a merging taper in a 25 mph zone?

What are the first things you should see when approaching a construction site?

How many Type 2 barricades does it take to close the shoulder and one lane of a freeway?

Which of the following is a delineator?

Which of the following signs would be on the front of a crash cushion?