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You are laying a gravity flow sewer line using solid coupling pipe. You begin at the downstream end of the line, laying the pipe so that the coupling is attached on the downstream end. You check each pipe for its grade level as it is laid. You have proceeded __________.

Before welding clamp pressure is released, at least __________ of the pipe circumference must be welded.

Which of the following statements about hydraulic shoring is not true?

Building sewer cleanouts must be installed at intervals of no more than __________ in straight runs.

What is the minimum pipe size for a fire service?

According to Caltrans specifications, which of the following statements about the measurement of sewer pipe for payment is not true?

When excavating for a sewer, you start at the manhole and cut 20' horizontally, 16' deep, with a 3' clearance above the top of the sewer main. You have proceeded: ​

Which is a CORRECT statement about trenching?

You are installing a nonmetallic sewer line and a water service pipe in the same ditch. You place the water pipe on a solid shelf excavated at one side of the ditch, so that the bottom of the water pipe is 12 inches above the top of the sewer line. You have proceeded:

When installing a 60-inch concrete drain pipe, you apply a band approximately 7 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. Then you smooth the band with a damp brush. You have proceeded: