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On an island vent, what type of fittings should be used and in what order should they be used to make the return bend under the drain board?

When joining brass fittings to copper pipe in medical gas and vacuum systems, which of the following filler material should you use?

A pipe 3-1/2” in diameter has 9 times the capacity of a pipe 1-1/2” in diameter. A given installation uses 360 feet of 3-1/2” pipe. How many feet of 1-1/2” pipe would be needed in an equivalent installation?

What type of wall fitting should a contractor use to install a wall-mounted water closet?

What is the total charge for four 8-hour days’ use of a backhoe, if the cost for rental is 400 dollars per day and operator cost is $30 per hour?

Temperature relief valves must have what transitional length before PEX is used?

A plumbing permit is required for the replacement of which of the following?

What is the total force in pounds on a 6 inch diameter test plug with a water head of 15 feet?

Piping for building drains and horizontal drainage branches require the installation of cleanouts. Spacing for these cleanouts is determined by the diameter of the drain and other factors. In this scenario the drain pipe diameter is three inches. This drain has a running length of 77 feet. During this run the pipe takes one 90-degree turn. How many cleanouts are required for this installation?

What is the typical amount of grade required per liner foot on a household drainage pipe?