C-38 Refrigeration Exam

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What does 95/5 refer to in the refrigeration trade?

A room containing an icemaker is not ventilated. Which of the following is the most likely result?

Supplying air to a building in such a way that it displaces air already inside of it is called__________.

Which of the following is the most common piece of equipment in air conditioning?

Where must the emergency control be installed for a refrigeration room?

A contractor is bidding to install a walk-in cooler and finds that the compressor costs $4,600 and the piping is $5.76/foot for 200 feet of pipe. If this is 40% of the contract, what is the contract’s total bid price?

Which of the following refrigerants is considered safer for the ozone?

What is most likely to happen if the AEV orifice is oversize?

What is most likely to happen if the thermostatic bulb is attached loosely to the suction line?

The shipping weight of a refrigeration unit is 20 tons and it is to be installed on the roof of a 20-story building. What is the best way to transport the unit to the roof if money is not a consideration?