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Whose guidelines/specifications should be followed when determining load capacities for crane and lifting equipment?

When a sign is installed above areas accessible to vehicles, what is the MINIMUM vertical clearance required?

What is the largest space allowed by the California Electrical Code between the end of the electrode and the nearest tube support on a neon border tube?

What is the advantage of using aluminum instead of sheet metal to fabricate channel letters?

Which of the following materials should be used in the construction of an outdoor sign cabinet?

A contractor is required to run 197 feet of EMT to the location of the sign. How many pieces of EMT will be required?

When can a light fixture be used as a raceway?

What is the minimum clearance between electric-discharge tubing and the nearest surface at voltages over 7,500 volts?

How much cover is required for a trench in which wires are buried in metal conduit?

When a neon tube has less light at one end, what is most likely the problem?