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In order to find out whether a wire is energized, what device should be used?

If a hot tub is 5’ in diameter and filled to a point 3” below the top of its 4’ side, what is the approximate volume of water to be solar heated?

Which of the following valves would open to relieve internal pressure in a vessel?

As the temperature of a PV module increases, what will happen to the voltage?

If a swimming pool is 20’ by 30’ and filled to a depth of 8’, what is the volume of water to be solar heated?

In a collector, the surface that retains the solar radiation and converts it to heat energy is called the __________.

If the maximum ac output rating of an inverter with 120-V ac output is 1500 W, the rating of the circuit breaker at the point-of-utility connection should be. ​

What is the resistance of the circuit with 110 volts and 22 amps?

When mounting solar collectors on the ground you should __________.

Which of the following devices does the NEC require to be a part of PV systems mounted on residential dwellings?