Free C5 Framing & Rough Carpentry Exam

Welcome to your free C-5 Framing & Rough Carpentry Quiz

What does "HD" on a plan stand for?

What is the maximum height of the sill in a bedroom egress window?

What is the most common weather-proofing for an exit door?

According to the UBC, what is the recommended minimum slope for a roof covered with standard shake?

According to UBC, what is the minimum pitch for a roof covered with standard shake?

What is the minimum number of approved emergency exit doors and/or windows in bedrooms lower than the 4th floor?

What is an "A35"?

Which of those described below is a 1-hour fire-related wall?

Which of the following nails has the greatest diameter?

What is the minimum size for an attic entrance?

What sort of PPE (personal protective equipment) is recommended when using cleaning solvent?

What should be done with lifelines, safety harnesses, and shock-absorbing lanyards that have been subjected to impact loading?

What is the longest standard length of a scaffold plank?

On a 120V circuit, what color is the (protective) ground wire?

What is the minimum distance apart that acetylene and oxygen cylinders must be stored?

Which of the following is a correct method for storing acetylene cylinders?

Which of the following is the best choice for hoisting a full gas cylinder?

Cylinders containing ______ shall not be taken into confined spaces.

A dry chemical or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher rated at least ______ must be kept near operations where bottled fuel gases are being used.

No more than ______ of paints, solvents, and chemicals may be stored in a room unless an approved safety storage cabinet is present.

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