Free C54 Ceramic & Mosaic Tile Exam

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Assuming that bag of grout covers 75 sq. ft., how many bags are needed for a 25’ x 23’ room?

Which of the following tiles require sealing before grouting?

How many square feet of tile is needed for an area that measures 2-1/2” by 4” on a plan this is drawn to an 1/8” scale?

What is the maximum size a stone veneer slab may be before you must put in metal rods?

What is the minimum width for an interior expansion joint?

What is the overall pitch in a shower installation with a pitch of 1/4" per foot and a distance of 45" from the corner of the shower to the drain?

How many A106 tiles, 6" long, are required for a sink that measures 21" x 33" with 2" inside corners on all 4 corners?

According to ANSI, for what size grout joints do you use unsanded grout?

Which of the following is classified according to free-silica content?

How should you install metal lath?