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The following strategies have helped many of our students prepare more effectively to pass the contractor exam and improve their test scores.

graphic of studious person with nose in bookPREPARE IN ADVANCE: It is best to begin preparing long before the day of your exam. Make it a habit to complete reading assignments and frequently review lecture notes.

MAKE TIME TO STUDY:  Consistently make time for studying. Be sure to set 60-90 minutes per day aside to prepare for your exam adequately.

STUDY REGULARLY: Schedule your study sessions consistently, every day during the work week. Monday – Friday.

ORGANIZE YOUR STUDIES: Prepare an outline of the main topics and concepts covered during your exam, then use this sheet to study. Organizing your study will help you memorize key facts and other information you need to remember for your exam.


Face of clockSTUDY IN 45 MINUTE INCREMENTS: We recommend that you study for no more than an hour and a half every day Monday through Friday. Take Saturday and Sunday off and enjoy your weekend.

PAY ATTENTION TO THE MANUALS: The explanations of the practice questions are just as important as the actual practice exams. Understanding the answer is as important as knowing the answer. By learning the “why” of exam question answers, you will understand the question no matter how the State may reword it.

REVIEW 3 DAYS BEFORE YOUR EXAM: A couple of days before the test, review your notes, reading assignments, practice exams, and other materials.

DO NOT POWER STUDY THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR EXAM: Getting plenty of rest and regularly exercising will enhance your ability to perform well on your exam. Make sure you eat a light, nutritious meal before taking your exam to be alert and focused.


CalendarGO TO BED EARLY THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR EXAM: It is unwise to stay up all night studying before a test. Get plenty of sleep the night before your exam. While spending extra time studying may seem like it will improve your score, you will do worse if you to show up for your exam tired.

ARRIVE AT THE TEST CENTER EARLY: Try to arrive at the test center at least 15 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR “BUSINESS” BEFORE THE EXAM: Be sure to use the restroom before your exam begins, you may not be permitted to leave the examination area once the exam starts. If you need to use the bathroom while testing, it can be extremely uncomfortable and distract from your concentration.

For more suggestions on how to maximize your effectiveness and pass the contractor exam visit our Study Tips page.

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